Heat and noise insulation, decorative plaster IZOLUX

Our firm produces heat-insulating and decorative, cellulose-based, materials IZOLUX (see below) that we would like to market also on those foreign markets we have not been present so far.

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Izolux-dekor is a cellulose based plaster (wet wall-paper) that have been designed to be used for final treatment of walls and ceilings made of various building interior materials. It replaces paints, wall-papers, e.t.c. Its heat-insulating capacity will be appreciated even if Izolux-dekor is laid in commonly used thickness of the layer, i.e. 2mm, for it insulating performance is close to that of polystyrene.

Izolux-Dekor is produced in two different grain-size groups:

for handy-men application:

by a hand-roller in a do-it-yourself way. Resulting structure has a fine plastic surface,

for practitioners:

to be applied by spraying. Resulting structure has rather rough plastic surface.

Both groups are priced the same.

An advantage of the handy-man group packing is that everybody who has at least minimum manual skills can do the job according to the instructions with no problem at all.

IZOLUX DEKOR of both groups is shipped in plastic bags containing 7kg of dry material. Glue as well as colour and/or other decorative additives (mainly on the basis of cotton) are delivered separately. The mixture is done by just adding water according to the instructions. It can be coloured e.g. by common wall paint water-soluble additives.

Capacity of one package

  • Do-it-yourself grain size 16-19m2 of the thickness of 2mm.
  • Spraying grain size at least 21m2 in two layers

For professional firms our company provides a comprehensive service, i.e. personnel training for the spraying method and complete technology, including some technological components.

The customer can make his/her choice of the colour shade using a catalogue where there is an information on how much of this or that colour additive should be used per 1 kg of dry IZOLUX.

Considering that additives are supplied separately, the customer can also choose the density of the shade, or he/she can make combinations of shades according to his/her own taste.

At the same time common water-soluble additives for wall-paints can be used as well.

The other representative of IZOLUX materials is IZOLUX-insulating. It is basically also a cellulose-based material as IZOLUX-dekor, but it has been designed to provide heat-insulation of floors, ceilings, walls and roofs where it is blown-in to the hollows or just laid onto the horizontal surface. Moreover, this material contains also some chemicals to repel insects, rodents e.t.c. At present the IZOLUXes are very popular in our region, one of the reasons being the low cost of these techniques.

About 70% of our products are exported to Germany.

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We offer our products-Izolux as barter for your wall papers.

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